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About Us
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Our team:

Ihor Madiianskyi, Director, head designer
Ihor Madiianskyi
Director, head designer
Bohdan Zhylenko,
Bohdan Zhylenko
Kateryna Kravets,
Kateryna Kravets
Edward Berezovyi,
Edward Berezovyi
Yuri Fartukh,
Yuri Fartukh
Victor Madiianskyi,
Victor Madiianskyi
Natalia Madiianska,
Natalia Madiianska
Sviatoslav Madiianskyi,
Sviatoslav Madiianskyi
Maxim Ivanov,
Maxim Ivanov
Oleksandr Kravets,
Oleksandr Kravets
Volodymyr Bilous,
Volodymyr Bilous

We are a group of creative people. Having necessary education, knowledge and experience we help our clients to understand and realise their views and wishes.

All of us chose his or her job due to various reasons. It was not by accident, but as a self-search result. And what we do now with great pleasure is our art, hobby and life. We do not get stuck in time, but long for the newest developments and ideas.

Every time we start a project, we know that we will follow it up to the end, taking all details into account.

We went through more than hundreds of projects, multiple drawings and sketches and also sleepless nights. Our workshop is full of models, experimental samples, albums and catalogues. An advice from professionals or a complete realisation of your dream – is what you can get fromour cooperation.

And the most important thing is if you trust us, you will have a unique opportunity to find all in one place: design of project, its visualization and complete implementation, which apart from any construction works includes a wide spectrum of services – from order and furniture manufacture to search of the tiniest household stuff. It will save you much time and many efforts, so while your project will be in the process of implementing, you’ll be enjoying your life!

Welcome to cooperation with us!